Verizon will soon offer opt-out option for supercookies to customers

Verizon will soon offer opt-out option for supercookies to customers

Telecom major Verizon announced that the company will allow customers to opt-out of the identifier placed on their phone due to privacy concerns raised by consumers and privacy advocates. The identifier, also termed as supercookie or zombie cookie, has the ability to track the browsing habits, other activity and movement of the consumers. At the moment, Verizon doesn’t offer the option to turn off supercookie.

Privacy advocates and technology experts have raised concerns over supercookie. Verizon will soon offer the option to consumer to opt-out.

Verizon’s competitor AT&T was also developing a similar identifier but due to privacy concerns, the company dropped the plan to use identifier on customer phones.

Security expert Jonathan Mayer recently blogged about advertising platform Turn using the information from tracking cookie to serve advertisements to mobile device users.

In response to issues raised over privacy of consumers, Verizon had earlier informed that it was unable to turn off the identifier. Verizon could not provide any concrete reason for not turning off the supercookie. However, now Verizon has announced that it will offer the ability to turn off the tracking cookie.

In a recently published report, a Verizon spokeswoman said, “We have begun working to expand the opt-out to include the identifier referred to as the UIDH [unique identifier header], and expect that to be available soon.”

Verizon informed that the company never shares the customer data or browsing activity with third-parties or advertising networks. Verizon has not announced any date for the option of opt-out to be available.

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