First Vending Machines to Dispense Marijuana Flower Buds introduced in Seattle

First Vending Machines to Dispense Marijuana Flower Buds introduced in Seattle

It has been reported that the first vending machines to dispense marijuana flower buds made a debut Tuesday in Seattle. Greg Patrick, a spokesman for the maker of ZaZZZ, American Green, said the machines, called ZaZZZ, have been placed in medical pot dispensaries, and will help verify a customer's age and identity since medical marijuana cards are required to enter the centers.

Although the vending machines for the first time appeared in Colorado last year, these sold only edibles, or cannabis-infused foods, and not the plant's flower buds that are so often associated with smoking pot.

Patrick said, "It's historic, there's just no other way to state it. We saw the repeal of prohibition in the early 20th century and the mark that made on our country and the companies that did it right".

As per the makers of the machines, it has a touch screen where buyers can make orders, play video games and can even read medical information about the products.

The person with their medical marijuana IDs or driver's licenses swap them to ensure that they can legally purchase the goods and must pay in cash or bitcoin. The federal government although doesn't allow debit or credit cards to be used in the sale of marijuana.

Like machines that dispense soda or snacks, ZaZZZ intends to speed up the distribution for those who don't want to wait in a queue at the dispensary.

Patrick said once the person swipes an ID, he or she can go shopping on the screen. One can easily make an entry or exit from shopping within a matter of few minutes.

American Green hopes to take the machines to other venues outside medical marijuana dispensaries as acceptance and awareness of the products grows.

The company also said that the machine, which doesn't have a glass window that could be broken into, is secure against would-be-thieves.