Georgia Regents University celebrates ‘Give Kids a Smile Day’

Georgia Regents University celebrates ‘Give Kids a Smile Day’

Georgia Regents University celebrated 'Give Kids a Smile Day' on Friday. Students of the university's College of Dental Medicine met the pupils and hundreds of smiles were given special attention at the event.

The third floor of the building was full of activities. Most of the cubicles on the floor were filled with the tiny tots. The children were being treated by the hygiene and dental medicine students of the university.

During the dental check up, many of the dentists explained the tiny tots about every single step of the processes that were used during the work. Some of them introduced the children with their tools.

The experience was more than just a dentist's visit. Volunteers tried their best to make it a memorable experience.

Jesse Belyeu, GRU student and volunteer, said, "It's always best to catch these things early in life". She also mentioned that mentality matters a lot. Things should go in a friendly way so that children don't get scared to go to the dentists.

The American Dental Association (ADA) established the national "Give Kids a Smile Day" event in 2003. It was started with a motive to provide free dental care to 'underserved children'.

In a news release, ADA said that this year around 350,000 children were given treatment at a GKAS event.

Bruce Riggs, Assistant Professor of Pediatric Dentistry and Tara Schafer, Associate Professor of Pediatric Dentistry headed the GRU's event.

The event invited students from Richmond County's CSRA EOA Head Start Program and Rollins Elementary School. They were called for the free screenings, fillings and other treatments.

Riggs, who has an experience of 28 years in dentistry, said that such events are very important as they provide "outreach" to the families that can't afford medical services.

More than 100 people, including GRU students and local doctors, volunteered and made the dental check up a super dental event.