‘Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day’ supports children fighting cancer

‘Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day’ supports children fighting cancer

A Minnesota family from Forest Lake lost their daughter Malia as she was suffering from cancer. The family is getting support for 'Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day' from people throughout the world.

'Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day' is a day created by the family for honoring their daughter and other children, who were killed by cancer and to support the children who are fighting the disease and to celebrate those who survived.

Malia, 9, passed away on December 7, 2010 after fighting cancer for a long time. She used to love having ice cream for breakfast and her family does that each year on her birthday in her memory.

A group of about 50 close friends and family gathered on a virtual birthday party for her in 2013. They captured pictures of themselves while having ice cream and posted the pictures to Facebook.

Last year, someone advised that having ice cream for breakfast should be a national holiday to honor kids who have fought childhood cancer. Malia's family then made a graphic for sharing on social media to tell people about that.

Annette Peterson, Malia's mother, said that many people around the world will be joining them in eating ice cream to honor, support and remember the childhood cancer fighters they know. Their Facebook page is supported by people from more than 83 different countries. They are remembering and celebrating the international holiday this February 18, 2015.

"In the creative style of her spirit, people sent silly, crazy and smiling pictures from Malls, drive-thru's, kitchen tables, couches and cars. They were silly and crazy and smiling and laughing in every single picture", Annette said.

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