Climate Change denier Willie Soon received $1.25 million from energy companies

Climate Change denier Willie Soon received $1.25 million from energy companies

Climate Change denier Willie Soon, a researcher at the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics, has received $1.25 million in funding from energy companies, according to a report released by Greenpeace. Wei-Hock Soon has been a popular name cited by most of the climate change deniers and politicians trying to block legislation on climate change.

According to records received by Greenpeace under freedom of information suggests that Willie Soon received $1.25 million from Exxon Mobil, Southern Company, the American Petroleum Institute (API) and Koch brothers foundation over the last 14 years. Southern Company emerged as a single largest funding entity for research carried out of Willie Soon.

Southern Company could face high capital expenditure as it runs the largest coal-fired electricity generation business in the country. Prominent research Willie Soon has repeatedly denied that human activity leads to higher greenhouse gas emissions. He suggests that climate change in mainly due to changes in the sun.

Oklahoma Republican leader Senator James Inhofe has cited Soon many times during his speeches denying climate change. Republicans in Kansas have tried to block solar and wind energy measures and Willie Soon was called to testify.

During an interview, Willie Soon has accepted that he receives private funding for his research. Since 2009, Soon has been outspoken in his critiques of global warming theory. Soon has denied any link between his scientific findings and the corporate funding he has received. However, supporters of climate change theory think otherwise.

During an event in 2013, Willie Soon said, “I write proposals; I let them decide whether to fund me or not. If they choose to fund me, I’m happy to receive it. I would never be motivated by money for anything.”

The newly released documents by Greenpeace will heat up the climate debate once again and could lead to altercation between climate change deniers and activists fighting for stronger legislation to control climate change and reduce emissions.