Shuttle drivers vote for union in Silicon Valley

Shuttle drivers vote for union in Silicon Valley

Shuttle drivers in Silicon Valley have voted in favor of a workers union. The shuttle drivers take employees of technology companies like Apple, eBay, Zynga and Yahoo from San Francisco to their offices. More workers have chosen San Francisco as home and they travel anywhere between 30-60 miles to work every day.

The shuttle drivers have voted to join the Teamsters Union on Friday. The workers are looking for better working conditions and higher wages. The vote to unionize was 104 to 38.

In a statement issued yesterday, Rome Aloise, secretary-treasurer of Teamsters Local 853 said, “This is another step, in addition to the Facebook drivers, for the workers who support the tech industry to move forward toward decent wages, affordable health care and a pension for the future.”

Recently, the bus drivers for Facebook staff have signed a new contract with Loop. The contract is pending approval from Facebook. The new terms would offer paid vacation, health insurance and average pay of $24.5 per hour compared to $18 currently.

“These are life changing improvements for these drivers that will allow them to live a more sustainable life, support their families, have decent health care and plan for the future. We commend Loop, and of course, Facebook, who acknowledge that the people that support Facebook need to be included in the American Dream,” said Rome Aloise, International Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer of Local 853.

In San Francisco, technology companies have been granted 500 permits to use the bus stops for picking up and dropping off passengers.

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