Parents to be blamed as kids turn into Narcissistic Jerks: Dutch Study

Parents to be blamed as kids turn into Narcissistic Jerks: Dutch Study

Faulty Parenting could be the main reason for Narcissistic behavior seen among many individuals, found a study conducted by research team in the Netherlands. Over caring, giving in to most of the demands and overindulgence have been termed as a few factors which can turn kids into narcissists.

The study results have been published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Too much praising and exceptional treatment led children to grow up as narcissists. The study suggests that parents who consistently tell their kids that they are superior to other children, should think twice.

The Dutch study involved 565 children between age 7 and 12. The children were evaluated for narcissist tendencies. University of Amsterdam psychologist Eddie Brummelman and his team conducted the study and evaluated presented a detailed questionnaire to access narcissistic traits among kids.

Dr. Brummelman said that when parents continue repeating to their kids that they are superior and deserve more than others, they develop the feeling of superiority, the core of narcissism.

The researchers suggest that positive feedback is good but it should be appropriate and accurate. Praising kids unreasonably could lead to false feelings of superiority, which could lead to behavioral issues among children when they turn adults. It also becomes a major issue for narcissists to deal with failure in life.

The research team informed that their work builds on a body of research that shows parental “overvaluation” leads to narcissism later in life because children tend to see themselves as the important people in their lives see them.

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