Tarantulas Start to Act Clumsy when it’s Hot

Tarantulas Start to Act Clumsy when it’s Hot

A new study suggests that in warm conditions, tarantulas lose coordination and also begin to act clumsy. As per researchers, some of these spiders are well-known for their speed, but particularly in warm conditions they do not move smoothly.

It has been revealed that spiders do not utilize muscles as their main driving force in order to move limbs. Bloodlike fluid called hemolymph flows into the legs, causing them to extend. The researchers said alterations in temperature affect the liquid and alter ability of the spider to walk.

The researchers looked at Texas brown tarantulas and the tests were carried out at four different temperatures: 59, 75, 88, and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It was observed that colder temperatures resulted in slower and more coordinated movements from the spiders and at warmer temperatures the effect was opposite.

"But at the higher temperatures, and the faster running speed, the two joints were less coupled. The two joints on each leg were a lot less well-controlled at the higher temperatures", said Anna Ahn from Harvey Mudd College.

According to the researchers, there is a possibility that hydraulic extension might enable spiders to save space and mass in their limb and it might come at the expense of control.

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