Cadillac will likely unveil next-gen SRX SUV at LA Auto Show in November

Cadillac will likely unveil next-gen SRX SUV at LA Auto Show in November

The Cadillac brand will likely unveil its next-generation SRX SUV at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which is scheduled to be held in November.

The next-generation Cadillac SRX SUV will apparently get a new name which is expected to begin with 'XT' for Crossover Touring; as well as a number that will pinpoint to the new vehicle's size in the company's lineup.

According to some analysts, the next-generation Cadillac SRX SUV will probably be called the 'XT5.'

About the next-generation SRX, Kelley Blue Book Akshay Anand said in a statement that the present SRX model is one of the oldest vehicles in the SUV segment; and added that "the XT5 is part of Cadillac's new nomenclature." Anand also said that Cadillac will have to bring some noteworthy new features to the XT5 if the company wants to grab part of the market share of the luxury leaders. Towards that end, Edmunds. com senior analyst Jessica Caldwell has specifically pointed out that, even though the SRX has done well for Cadillac, the next-generation model of the SUV needs to establish more of an identity.

Asserting that Cadillac's focus should be on more SUV offerings so as to gain from the 'hot' market demand for smaller SUVs, Caldwell said that the automaker needs to "get a core product out rather than focus on more niche segments."

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