REM Be Careful as Prime Tick Season underway

Be Careful as Prime Tick Season underway

Tick season is going on and at this time of year, it is widespread. In fact, dermatologists have shared that they are regularly seeing patients with ticks. There are people who do not even realize that parasites were stuck on them.

Roberto Cortinas, UNL Asst. Professor for School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, said the American dog tick and the Lone star tick are the most troubling in Nebraska. At this time of the year, ticks are out, active and waiting to latch on.

“The overall trend in our winters has become to be milder and so we have seen the progression of the Lone star tick northward”, affirmed Cortinas. Experts affirmed that on national level, the number of ticks remains almost same year after year, but the diseases caused by these pests have climbed.

Kearney Dermatologist Dr. Sharon Bond said of all, Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF) is the worst and life threatening. Its symptoms include fever than progressing to a rash, which can start two weeks after an exposure. But as per experts, it can be treated with antibiotics.

It shall, however, be noted that it can be difficult to diagnose if one does not have a rash with the fever. The rash starts like a measles from ankles and then moves on to wrists and it then moves on palms and soles and then up to the body.

The other problem is Lyme disease, which is more commonly found on the east coast and takes longer to treat. Health experts have recommended that if one is out for a long time then you need to be careful. Wear long pants and full sleeves shirts.

Take a tweezers to remove a tick in which you need start at the base of skin and pull directly up. It is best to take off ticks in less than 24 hours as there are fewer chances for disease transmission.

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