Enhanced photos of dating sites have different results for men and women: Study

Enhanced photos of dating sites have different results for men and women: Study

An interesting study has examined that enhancing photos of dating sites have different results for men and women.

The study by researchers at the University of Connecticut has found that enhanced photos of women viewed by men have increased attractiveness and lowered trustworthiness, but women have found enhanced photos of men have increased both attractiveness and increased trustworthiness.

During the study, the researchers focused on 305 participants who were heterosexual, ranging from ages 17-36.

They placed the participants into an opposite sex condition and then randomly assigned them to view one of four profile pictures of the same male and female.

The pictures featured two different types of images, one that had been beautified by lighting, makeup and hair do, and the other one was a relatively normal, non-beautified picture with satisfactory lighting, no makeup and no hair treatment.

Then researchers asked the participants a series of questions to determine the profiles physical attractiveness, similarity (to the participant), trustworthiness, and ultimately their desire to date.

Researchers found that men perceived a beautified profile picture to be more attractive, but less trustworthy than to the non-beautified picture of the exact same female. However the case was different in women. They found the beautified male profile picture to be both more attractive and more trustworthy as compared to the non-beautified profile picture, featuring the same male.

Earlier research has shown that dating site users understand the importance of putting their best ‘face’ forward and that the focus on profile pictures is essential given how much of an influence it has on an individual's appeal to a profile.

Since long individuals have been beautifying themselves for enhancing their physical attractiveness but the latest study has taken an evolutionary approach in which they have used theories of attraction for explaining why the perceived attractiveness of a profile picture is so important.

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