Microsoft’s Xbox One surpasses PS4 in sales during April

Microsoft’s Xbox One surpasses PS4 in sales during April

A report on Friday revealed what has happened first time this year, Microsoft’s Xbox One outsold Sony’s PS4 in April!

Microsoft's Xbox One has finally become the top-selling, home gaming console in the US. Microsoft announced that the monthly sales in the US have set a new record, while the number of users for Xbox Live is at an all-time high.

Mike Nichols, Xbox marketing Head, stated,” Xbox One console sales in the US increased 63% in April 2015 compared to April 2014 and Xbox Live comparisons showed the number of active global users of Xbox One and Xbox 360 grew 24%”.

Estimates have approximated the total Xbox sales at 12 million units worldwide, while Sony's PlayStations’ 20 million units have been sold during the same period.

This increase in the sales of Microsoft’s gaming systems is promising, as the consumers were neither lured by slashing prices, nor were they attracted by certain freebies.

The last time, Xbox One edged out the PS4 as America's most popular video game system, was because of a $50 drop in price of the $350 Xbox One, along with special edition consoles that included Assassin's Creed Unity or Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in the bundle.

In its April report, the research firm, NPD Group stated that the gaming industry saw a boost in sales, with the sales of video game hardware and software in US rising by 3% in April.

Hardware sales saw an increase in terms of the number of physical units sold, but dipped 4% in average pricing, as the prices of the games decreased. On the software front, game sales continued to rise, with Mortal Kombat X taking the No. 1 spot.

According to NPD, the top five selling games in april were; ‘Mortal Kombat’, ‘Grand Theft Auto V’, ‘Battlefield: Hardline’, ‘MLB 15: The Show’ and ‘Minecraft’.

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