Mary Lee, a Basking Shark becomes a Twitter Celebrity

Mary Lee, a Basking Shark becomes a Twitter Celebrity

The latest Twitter sensation this time is a Shark!

@MaryLeeShark handle, a fake twitter handle of a very real white Basking shark has almost 57,000 followers till date, as the researchers have been tracking her moving up and down the eastern seaboard.

The great Mary Lee, weighing 3,500 pounds, was tagged early last week when she surfaced off the coast of New Jersey by an organization named OCEARCH. Mary Lee’ was among a group of sharks tagged by Fischer and his team in 2012. The satellite enabled tag fixed to her dorsal fin sends a ping to the researchers, each time Mary breaks the surface.

The white beauty is heading towards US Atlantic coast and has travelled more than 20-thousand miles in the last three weeks. The whale could be reaching out for the breeding grounds around Cape Cod or it is also possible that Mary Lee is pregnant and is heading north to deliver.

The Basking sharks are the second-largest shark after the whale shark and they migrate all over the world. They are famously known as ‘sun fish’, for these basking sharks spend much of their time at the surface with their gigantic mouths hanging open, eating whatever comes in.

On Friday, the Massachusetts State Police filmed the 25 feet long basking shark hanging out off the coast of Wellfleet in Mass. The police stressed that these gentle giants are not meat eaters and are of no harm to beachgoers and boaters.

The shark is tweeting her fans and local with an aim to educate and to dispel fears that people hold regarding one of the world’s most powerful and vulnerable predators.

Chris Fischer, an OCEARCH researcher, stated,” We’re not only solving the puzzle of her life to protect her but we’re giving her a voice to shift the tone in conversation around her and other white sharks like her”.

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