Dinosaurs were Warm-blooded Creatures: Study

Dinosaurs were Warm-blooded Creatures: Study

A new study published in the journal Science has revealed that Dinosaurs were much closer to mammals than initially thought.

Since 19th century, scientists have been debating on the topic whether dinosaurs were slow, lumbering, cold-blooded creatures.

The researchers found that the extinct huge creatures that roamed the world millions of years ago were warm-blooded just like modern mammals.

The topic of has always been a controversial issue regarding many aspects of their existence. This is why so much research has been done so far in the field.

When the researchers analyzed fossils of species like Tyrannosaurus rex, they found that these mysterious creatures are quite different from the cold lizards they were associated with.

The palaeontologist Michael D'Emic of Stony Brook University in New York judged the metabolism of T rex with the help of their body mass and growth rates deduced from fossils.

D'Emic drew its inspiration following last year's conclusion in June 2014in the same journal. The published research carried out by a team of experts at the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque revealed that dinosaurs were neither cold-blooded nor warm-blooded, rather they had a metabolism in between. The study concluded that they could be regarded as exothermic.

The new study said that dinosaurs had more features in common with birds than it was previously believed.

D'Emic stated that upon re-analysis, it was apparent that dinosaurs fit right within their understanding of what it means to be a warm-blooded mammal.

However, authors of last year's study disputed Dr. D'Emic's conclusions. University of New Mexico biologist John Grady said, "We disagree with his central criticisms and we emphasize that all of our original conclusions stand".

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