New York police detective shoots gunman who injured a man

New York police detective shoots gunman who injured a man

According to police, a cop shot a gunman after when he saw him shot another man in East Harlem.

According to police sources, two special-victims officers were in a car when they witnessed the man kill another man close to E. 102nd St. and First Ave. soon before 8 pm.

According to police sources, the officers confronted the gunman after jumping out of the car; the man moved his weapon toward them. Police said that after that one of the officers fired two times, hitting the man in the chest.

Police also said that the shooter was taken to Harlem Hospital in stable condition. As per police sources, the man who was shot by attacker walked into Metropolitan Hospital Center, located three blocks away, with a graze wound.

According to a 72-year-old neighborhood resident, Greg, "I was eating dinner and I heard two things that sounded like firecrackers and then I heard a big boom. So two shots that sounded like a .22 and two shots that sounded like a Glock, like what a police officer would use". Police sources said that the officers were taken to a hospital and were treated for tinnitus.

Police sources also said that Cops recovered a .22-caliber handgun at the place where incident occurred along with three shell casings. Greg added that he feels tired because of all this and it's a need to find a way to live together.

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