Apple scraps Beats’ Wi-Fi-connected speaker project

Apple scraps Beats’ Wi-Fi-connected speaker project

According to a Variety report, tech giant Apple has scrapped the project under which Beats Electronics - a company acquired by Apple for $3 billion last year - was developing a Wi-Fi connected speaker system.

The report, citing "multiple sources familiar with the project," Apple has decided not to work on Beats Electronics' project pertaining to a Wi-Fi-connected speaker which would have allowed users to stream and play music directly from the Internet.

The Wi-Fi-connected speaker system was under development at Beats Electronics when the company was purchased by Apple in May 2014. The project involving the mentioned speaker system - which could connect to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC - was initially proposed to be launched in 2014, but it has not taken off till now.

By developing its own Wi-Fi-connected speaker system, Beats Electronics apparently planned to challenge its rivals like SunOS and Google Cast.

Meanwhile, with regard to Apple's decision to scrap the project which would have given the company its own wireless speaker, Variety's unidentified 'inside' sources have revealed that Apple seemingly ran into several problems when it attempted to create the Wi-Fi-connected speaker from scratch. As a result, the company finally decided to scrap the project.

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