Brain and neurological tumors are most common types of cancer among children

Brain and neurological tumors are most common types of cancer among children

The American Brain Tumor Association has said that brain and neurological tumors are the most common types of cancer tumors found in children, ages 19 and below.

Two new studied led to a new way for identifying tumor types by making use of DNA mutation that can categorize gliomas (brain tumors), on the basis of affected tissue.

According to Dr. Daniel Lachance, a neuro-oncologist at the Mayo Clinic, the molecular data assists in classifying glioma patients in a better way and, therefore, it could be understood that who requires more aggressive treatment and who might be capable of avoiding unnecessary treatments.

According to Dr. Roeland Verhaak, of the MD Anderson Cancer Center, based in Houston, Texas, they studied the six most common forms of glioma and figured out that these can be effectively classified into three separate molecular super groups of lower-grade gliomas.

In the new method, 3 types of gliomas were classified by their different characteristics. It was found that Glioblastoma was quite deadlier compared to the two other gliomas. As per Margaret Wrensch, from the University of California, these markers could help them identify gliomas in a better way and know the reason behind their development.

According to director, Dr. Andrew Sloan, of the Brain Tumor and Neuro-Oncology Center, at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, “This genome-wide analysis will be much more objective and likely, it will be practice-changing. It can be easily implemented and will markedly improve diagnosis, patient care, and treatment planning”.