Sony announces two new models of PS4

Sony announces two new models of PS4

Sony has made announcement about its two new models of PS4, which are told to be lighter and make use of less power.

Announcement regarding two new models of PS4 has been recently made by Sony. The new models are lighter and use lesser power.

Both the models will be sold for the same old amount. According to reports, it's not the expected PlayStation 4 Slim, but the company has come up with a new version of the console, which is both 10% lighter than before and makes use of 8% less power.

The hard drive also has a matte finish, but is similar to the original version that has a 500MB hard drive and, has the same price tag. The new console from Sony is cheaper and for that reason more profitable for the company.

The CUH-1200 version has both black and white versions. As per reports, the models will be released in Japan near the end of June. Sony usually releases a redesigned version of their console after three or four years of its release.

These are generally noticeably less expensive to manufacture as a result of the decreased price of components in addition to improved manufacturing techniques. And because of this, they have lower price tag. There are not many changes being made in the new models and the company seems to be thinking about reducing the price, taking into account the current sale of the console.

It is written in a post on the PlayStation Europe blog, "Hi everyone. Today, we're happy to announce that the 1TB PS4 Ultimate Player Edition launches in select Europe and PAL territories from 15th July".