‘The Last Guardian’ PS4 scheduled for release in 2016

‘The Last Guardian’ PS4 scheduled for release in 2016

Fumito Ueda's forthcoming game 'The Last Guardian' PS4 is scheduled for launch in 2016. A video trailer of the game was revealed last week at Sony PlayStation's press conference at the 2015 E3 event. The game went into development back in 2007, and was first introduced to the public at the 2009 E3 show.

The game's last-week-revealed video clip - which concluded with the disclosure that 'The Last Guardian' PS4 will hit the markets next year - gave the gamers a peek at the adventure which the long-awaited title will unfold.

Confirming that 'The Last Guardian' PS4 is presently in development, Sony Worldwide Studios' President Shuhei Yoshida told IGN that the game is scheduled for release next year.

About the eight-year delay of 'The Last Guardian,' Yoshida said that the demonstration of the game shown at E3 2009 had been directly taken from the development kit. Yoshida also added that the game "wasn't running up to speed as shown in the video."

Yoshida explained: "The game was running on lower frame rate, but we captured them frame by frame and sped it up for the 20-second video, fully expecting the final game to eventually run on the desired speed."