Hyundai Extends an Eco-friendly Option, the Hydrogen-Powered Cars

Hyundai Extends an Eco-friendly Option, the Hydrogen-Powered Cars

Monday witnessed an important announcement from the largest South Korean automaker, Hyundai Motor Co. which asserted the environment friendly benefits of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, calling it the future of pollution free atmosphere.

However, despite the tremendous benefits, higher prices and limited infrastructure result in slow sales of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Hyundai itself has sold or leased just 273 Tucson fuel cell SUVs since 2013, against the target of 1,000 cars.

Kim Sae Hoon, general manager at Hyundai’s fuel cell engineering design team claimed that the fuel cell cars represent a bigger opportunity than electric cars because the competition is less fierce.

Hoon added that hydrogen-powered cars give more flexibility to designers and they can be scaled to big vehicles such as buses as well as small cars. Further, Hoon informed that hydrogen cars can be refuelled quickly than electric vehicles.

Hyundai takes pride in its hydrogen fuelled vehicles that emit water vapour and no greenhouse gases, claiming that Tucson’s Europe model called ix35 Fuel Cell can travel up to 594 kilometres while its US model of Tucson travels up to 426 kilometres on one charge.

Hyundai further unveiled its plan to invest $10 billion in eco-friendly technology in the next four years, starting from 2015. The automaker employs the eco-friendly technology in its hybrid cars, electric battery vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell cars.

South Korea’s government is also backing the ecological drive, aiming for 1,000 hydrogen-powered vehicles to be on the streets in South Korea by 2020, with plans to establish 10 charging stations for fuelling these hydrogen cell cars.

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