UC campuses admit fewer California residents for the fall

UC campuses admit fewer California residents for the fall

University of California has accepted fewer state high school students as freshmen for the fall but the number of new students from outside the state and abroad has jumped again, UC officials announced on Thursday.

According to data released by UC officials, a total of 92,324 high school students were accepted as freshmen to one of UC's nine undergraduate campuses. The figure represents 58 per cent of the total number of students who had applied for admission.

With 61,834 students from with in the state, California accounts for more than two-thirds of all the applicants who were accepted as freshmen by the public system. But it marks a decline of 1,039 from 2014.

Merely three campuses of the UC system, viz. Riverside, Merced and San Diego, admitted more California students than last year. The number of non-California students jumped by 3,453 year-over-year to 30,490. The numbers of Latino freshmen slipped at five UC campuses.

Michele Siqueiros, the president of Campaign for College Opportunity, said, "As a majority-minority state, where one in two children under the age of 18 is Latino, we simply cannot meet our economic or workforce needs without ensuring significantly more Latino and black students are admitted to the UC."

Latinos represent nearly 30 per cent of all California freshmen who have been given a spot. The figure is notably up from 25 per cent for white students and 4 per cent for black students.

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