BMW to Unveil its First Hydrogen Fuel-Based Vehicle by 2020

BMW to Unveil its First Hydrogen Fuel-Based Vehicle by 2020

Luxury carmaker BMW is ready to venture into the hydrogen fuel-cell future. The company’s first ever hydrogen fuel-based electric car will hit the market by 2020.

The company basically aims to move to cars that combine hydrogen fuel cells with its electric eDrive system. The cylindrical hydrogen fuel tank, which is pressured to 700 bars, would be nearly three metres long and almost half a metre in diameter.

It was at its ‘innovation day’ in France that BMW unveiled a prototype 5 Series GT, which uses a hydrogen fuel cell to power its electric motor. This car can run 100km/h in just six seconds and has a horsepower of 180kW.

This car would require to be filled up with liquid hydrogen that would be stored in a pressurized, cryogenic tank running through the middle of the car. After being filled, it would be possible for the car to ensure 500km of pure electric running for each tank. This huge sports car would have a capacity of five persons.

As of now, BMW is not certain whether to call its car an i6 or i7. In fact, the company has transformed its high-tech i8 hybrid into an even higher-tech hydrogen fuel-cell electric car. This feat has been achieved by its development engineers, who had been secretly working on this in-house development prototype. What they did was they tried to salvage whatever was possible from their first i8 prototype, so that they did not waste the technology into building an altogether new SUV.

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