Taco Bell Begins Long-awaited Delivery System in 90 Cities

Taco Bell Begins Long-awaited Delivery System in 90 Cities

The long awaited delivery system of Taco Bell has finally been started, with the company offering delivery options from over 200 stores mainly on the West Coast.

Taco Bell has collaborated with DoorDash, an independent start-up delivery company that will manage the delivery service. Pricing and delivery costs may vary depending on the location of the restaurant. However, a minimum fee of $3.99 will be charged for the deliveries and it is also customary to tip the driver.

Initially, the delivery will be available in more than 90 cities having more than 200 restaurants. Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco Bay Area and Dallas will be the first to avail the Taco Bell's delivery service. It has been reported that the company is also planning to expand the menu options at two locations in Chicago and San Francisco which will then serve both, beer and wine.

Tressie Lieberman, VP of Innovation and On Demand at Taco Bell, informed that the restaurant chain is testing and learning at the speed of the on-demand economy. In a test run of the delivery program, Taco Bell reportedly took a total of 38 minutes from placing the order to enjoying your meal.

Lieberman added that the company was thrilled to partner with DoorDash and leverage their like-minded commitment to customer service and innovation. Lieberman further asserted," This partnership enables us to provide consistent quality service and the feedback we need to elevate the delivery experience and evaluate where Taco Bell delivery goes next".

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