REM Suidobashi and Megabots All Set To Match Their Real-Life Gigantic Robots

Suidobashi and Megabots All Set To Match Their Real-Life Gigantic Robots

A US-based company recently challenged a Japanese company to match their real-life gigantic robots. Now it has been said that Suidobashi Heavy Industries of Japan and Megabots Inc. of USA will clash their ultimate inventions.

Megabots' co-founder Matt Oehrlein and his partner Gui Cavalcanti posted a YouTube video challenging Suidobashi Heavy Industries' robot Kuratas. They also said, "Suidobashi, you have a giant robot, we have a giant robot. You know what needs to happen".

Megabot, the U. S.-based company, is quite confident that its Mark 2 model, which is a towering 6-ton metal beast, will surely win the challenge.

Oehrlein in the video to the Japanese robotics company said that they have just finished the last bolts on the Mark 2, which is America's first fully functional giant piloted robot.

The massive robot is operated by a team of two people and can shoot three pounds paint balls at from its cannon at 100 miles per hour, said Oehrlein.

Co-founder Cavalcanti said they are American and they have added really big guns on its robot.

Suidobashi's CEO Kogoro Kurata responded to MegaBots through his own video. He said 'Come on guys, make it cooler'. He said just building something huge and adding guns on it, is American.

Suidobashi launched The Kurata, named after the CEO and designer, in 2012. It is a 4.5 tons robot. It is little less than Mark 2, a full heads-up display (HUD), and guns controlled by an advanced targeting system.

No venue or date for the battle of the death metals, but the challenge has been accepted.