80% of Americans do not eat Recommended Level of Fruits and Vegetables every day

80% of Americans do not eat Recommended Level of Fruits and Vegetables every day

Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have unveiled that Americans are not having fruits and vegetables in proper amount on a daily basis. The report states that just 13% consume sufficient amount of fruits and 9% have enough vegetables.

The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System collected the data from more than 373,000 American adults in 50 states. The participants answered questions, including how much fruit and vegetables they eat.

It was found that 76% of Americans did not eat the recommended amount of fruits and 87% did not eat enough vegetables between 2007 and 2010. The researchers have said that the result differs as per the state.

The worst performing state was found to be Tennessee where just 7.5% of its citizens eat enough fruits and vegetables and Mississippi with only 5.5% of its population is complying with the recommendation.

It has been suggested to have five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. This much amount is said to be enough to reduce the risk of getting diagnosed with diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other health problems.

By having fruits and vegetables, people can remain away from getting obese and maintain a healthy weight. Fruits and vegetables carry many essential nutrients needed on regular basis by body.

“Substantial new efforts are needed to build consumer demand for fruits and vegetables through competitive pricing, placement, and promotion in child care, schools, grocery stores, communities, and worksites”, said Prof. Marion Nestle at New York University.

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