Five-year-old discovers hidden camera in California Starbucks’ bathroom

Five-year-old discovers hidden camera in California Starbucks’ bathroom

A five-year-old discovered a hidden camera inside a women's bathroom at a Starbucks' coffee shop in California, prompting an investigation into the matter by law enforcement.

Requesting anonymity, a female Starbucks customer said her 5-year-old son noticed the hidden camera that was tucked under a sink in a single-occupancy women's bathroom at a Starbucks coffee shop in Lancaster city of the state.

Installed under the sink, the cell phone camera fell just at the boy's eye level. The woman said she never would have noticed the hidden device. She added that the device was propped up with paper towels in order to direct the camera straight at the toilet.

Speaking about the shocking discovery, she said, "I noticed that he was staring at the sink perplexed and I asked him what was wrong and he said, 'Mommy, why is there a phone under there?' My skin began to crawl. It had taken some work to get it to stand the way it was standing, so I could tell it had been placed there purposely."

The woman notified the coffee shop's employees, who called police. Deputies took the phone out and found that it was running in a video recorded motion. They took custody of the cell phone for investigating the matter.

Starbucks spokesperson Jaime Riley issued a statement, saying the company was disturbed by the incident and took its obligation to provide customers with a safe and secure environment very seriously.