Sony PSN suffered another outage on Tuesday; the fourth this month

Sony PSN suffered another outage on Tuesday; the fourth this month

On Tuesday, July 14, Sony's PlayStation Network (PSN) - the company's online gaming infrastructure - witnessed yet another outage, much to the infuriation of many gamers.

The Tuesday outage of PSN is the fourth - apparently major - outage of the network in July. Earlier this month, PSN suffered two outages during the July 4 weekend --- one on July 3, and the other on July 4. The third outage of PSN this month was reported on July 6.

Complaining about the latest PSN outage on social media, gamers said that nearly all the features for which PSN is needed were affected by the downtime. Specifically speaking, the outage affected online multiplayer games, the PlayStation Store, apps, messaging, and the trophy system.

In response to users' complaints about PSN issues on Tuesday, Sony first said that the PSN downtime was a result of some "maintenance" work. However, that explanation was questionable, and also rather unprofessional, because the company had not issued any prior warning to the PSN users.

However, later, Sony acknowledged the latest PSN outage and confirmed it on its PSN status page which read thus: "You may be experiencing issues related to launching games, applications, and/or social features such as trophies, messaging, or friends list. We appreciate your patience while we address this."