San Francisco Zoo’s missing snake returns

San Francisco Zoo’s missing snake returns

The small venomous snake that was reported missing from San Francisco Zoo's South American Tropical Rainforest exhibit has been found, a spokesperson for the popular zoo announced.

Spokeswoman Nancy Crowley said the 13-inch baron's racer showed up Tuesday afternoon after zookeepers coaxed it out of its hiding spot in the tank in which it was placed.

Announcing the snake's comeback, Crowley said, "It never escaped at all, from what we can tell. It was in the tank that it was always in. The snakes can camouflage themselves when they don't want to be found. We coaxed it out by placing large plants inside the space."

With a hope that the snake was alive and present in the in tank, zoo staff placed large plants inside the tank to encourage the creature to come out of its hiding place.

Joe Fitting, the zoo's deputy director, also confirmed in a statement that the small, green snake is alive and in good health. He added that snakes are amazing creatures that can successfully conceal themselves when they do not want to be found.

Previously, zoo authorities said that the snake had either escaped the exhibit or was eaten by some another animal or bird.