San Diego approves $2.1 million for Chargers stadium

San Diego approves $2.1 million for Chargers stadium

In a bid to keep the Chargers in San Diego, the City Council approved $2.1 million for accelerated environmental studies that are required for a public stadium vote in January next year.

Members of the City Council voted 6-3 to approve the money. Mayor Kevin Faulconer said the approval was crucial to convince NFL officials that the city was serious about building a stadium that would prevent the Chargers from relocating to Los Angeles.

Faulconer added that the progress on environmental work for the stadium would provide big boost San Diego's credibility in meetings with NFL officials on 28th of July in San Diego and on 10th of August in Chicago.

City Council member Scott Sherman said, "People might say this is a fool's errand. I still have faith with the right deal we can get the Chargers back here at the table. I think the NFL will tell the Chargers that San Diego is committed, San Diego is ready to go and you guys need to come back to the table."

Sherman was among the council members who voted in favor of granting the money for environmental studies. Other supporters include Myrtle Cole, Lorie Zapf, Sherri Lightner, Mark Kersey, and Chris Cate.

On August 4, county supervisors will consider voting on whether to contribute $500,000 more to the stadium efforts. That would inflate their contribution from $250,000 to a whopping $750,000. The City Council's recent action increased San Diego's contribution from $250,000 to $2.35 million.

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