Former US President George H.W. Bush suffers neck fracture

Former US President George H.W. Bush suffers neck fracture

According to reports, former US President George H.W. Bush suffered a neck fracture after falling at his home in Maine. According to a spokesman, he has a stable condition and will be staying in hospital for a brief duration.

Bush served as 41st president of America. Last time, he was hospitalized in Houston in December 2014 after he had some breathing difficulties.

The former President was brought to Maine Medical Center in Portland for treatment. A hospital spokesman, Matt Paul told in a telephone interview that on Wednesday afternoon, President Bush was brought to the hospital.

According to the spokesman, "He was brought here earlier today and diagnosed with a fracture in his neck. He is in stable condition and will be wearing a neck brace". He added that it is "too early to say when he will be released". However, he told that he will be staying in the hospital during the night.

According to McGrath, Bush will be staying in the hospital "as long as needed". He also said that his condition is ok.

President George W. Bush and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush are sons of Bush. At present, Jeb Bush is looking for the Republican nomination for presidential election to be held in 2016.

Bush had served two terms as Ronald Reagan's vice president and after that was elected president in 1988. Following one term, he lost his position, when Democrat Bill Clinton achieved victory.

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