California woman involved in frozen embryos lawsuit wants money: husband alleges

California woman involved in frozen embryos lawsuit wants money: husband alleges

Five frozen embryos continue to be at the center of a San Francisco couple's bitter divorce battle, and the wealthy male partner has alleged that his wife is trying to extort money from him.

On the eve of their wedding in 2010, Stephen Findley and Mimi Lee learned that Lee was suffering from cancer. The diagnosis cast a dark could on their dreams to have children. They rushed to the UCSF's fertility center, where doctors preserved Lee's embryos, fertilized by Findley, to enable the couple to have children in the future.

But Findley and Lee no longer want to live together. The biggest issue in their divorce is the same frozen embryos that are still preserved at the UCSF.

Testifying before a judge in San Francisco Superior Court, Findley claimed that Lee might be doing all that in order to extort money from him.

According to a recent media report, Findley told the judge, "I didn't think, perhaps naively, that the embryos were an issue in the divorce. Lee asked during a phone conversation, 'How much are those worth? Do I get $1 million for those? Do I get $2 million for those or for each one?'"

But, Lee continues to insist that the frozen embryos are the only way for her to bear a child as her breast cancer treatment has rendered her infertile.

The non-jury bench trial finished on Thursday, and the judge has given 90 days to return a decision on the issue.

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