Scantily clad girls spotted at Scott Disick’s Beverly Hills home

Scantily clad girls spotted at Scott Disick’s Beverly Hills home

Reality star Scott Disick is apparently in search for a new companion after parted with his longtime girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian over the Fourth of July weekend.

A limousine filled with insufficiently clad young girls was recently spotted at Disick's new residence in Beverly Hills, California. Music producer and Hollywood star Mally Mall was also seen at his home.

According to an eyewitness, at least half a dozen young girls visited 32-year-old Disick's home. The first group arrived at around 3 p.m. on Thursday, and a second group arrived at 6 p.m.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the eyewitness added, "A couple of the girls were calling Scott's name from the gate to be let in."

Kourtney, 36-year-old mother of three children, viz. 5-year-old Mason, 3-year-old Penelope, and 7-month-old Reign, is meanwhile sexing up her looks. She was seen with a friend at the Montage Hotel on Friday. The mother of three children was looking gorgeous in ripped jeans, white T-shirt, and a pair of high silver heels.

It seems as if both Disick and Kardashian are trying to show that they don't care for each other.

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