California donors give more to Clinton than all other presidential candidates combined

California donors give more to Clinton than all other presidential candidates combined

California donors have made generous donations to numerous presidential candidates but Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton received more than all other presidential hopefuls combined.

According to recently released fundraising reports, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio received significant amounts of donations for their election campaigns from donors in traditional republican areas like Orange County and the Central Valley.

Perry and Rubio received 22 per cent of their itemized contributions from California donors. While Rubio got $1.5 million from the state, Perry pocketed just short of $219,000.

Clinton raised more than $8 million for her presidential campaign from California donors so far. The huge amount accounts for more than 20 per cent of total contributions she received across the country. Her campaign garnered more from California donors than all other presidential hopefuls combined.

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Clinton's strongest challenger, raised $806,000 from California. The figure accounts for around 25 per cent of his total itemized contributions.

Paul Seamus Ryan, senior counsel at nonpartisan group Campaign Legal Center, said, "The state is critical in presidential elections and will continue to be critical. California and New York are where the money is ... no question when it comes to national politics."

California donors have long been known for bankrolling presidential campaigns, and the 2016 election will likely be no different. The state's donors account for more than 16 per cent of all contributions made to presidential hopefuls so far this year. That is more than any other state's contributions.

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