Nintendo to shut down Wii U’s TVii service on Aug 11

Nintendo to shut down Wii U’s TVii service on Aug 11

According to a late Friday announcement made by Nintendo via its Miiverse social network, the company will shut down the TVii service of its Wii U gaming console next month --- on August 11.

The TVii service was rolled out by Nintendo when it introduced its Wii U console in 2012. Hyping the new service at that time, Nintendo had said that TVii will "transform how people find, watch and engage with TV shows, movies and sports."

While touting the TVii service prior to the launch of the Wii U console, Nintendo had said that the service will essentially underscore a second screen service for Wii U; giving users the ability to organize their live television, DVR-recorded shows, and on-demand services – such as Hulu Plus and Netflix - in one interface.

Upon the Wii U’s launch, the TVii second screen app chiefly allowed users to search through the catalogs of streaming video services, and thoroughly read the TV guide straight from the Gamepad. It also had customized recommendations and a somewhat odd social aspect which enabled Nintendo users to discuss - and also vote on - shows and sports matches with one another via Miiverse.

About the forthcoming shutdown of the TVii service next month, Nintendo said curtly in a FAQ: "Every service has a life cycle, and it is time to focus our resources on other projects."