California needs no more stadiums

California needs no more stadiums

There is no dearth of stadiums in California but a number of prominent teams, including the NFL 49ers, the Raiders, the chargers and the Rams, continue to insist that they need new stadiums.

The NFL Raiders already have Coliseum in Oakland but the team is demanding the city to pay for a new stadium. As the city has refused to promise to construct a new stadium for the Raiders, they are now planning to move to Los Angeles.

San Diego-based Qualcomm Stadium is owned by the NFL Chargers but the team wants the city to construct a new stadium for it. As the city declined to fulfill the team's demand, it is also looking to move to Los Angeles.

The NFL Rams is also planning to build a new stadium in Los Angeles. It has plans to have new stadium at a location other than the facility the Raiders and Chargers are planning to have. It may be noted here that the rams were once in Los Angeles, but they left the city in 1994.

The 49ers have already moved from Candlestick Park in San Francisco to Santa Clara's Levi's Stadium built at a cost of $1.3 billion.

Los Angeles already has a number of stadiums, viz. the Coliseum, the Rose Bowl and Dodger Stadium. Attempts are being made to build new stadiums in Carson and Inglewood. Over the past, several attempts were made to build an NFL stadium at Irwindale, downtown L.A.

However, opponents argue that resources should not be wasted on building new stadiums; instead the city's focus should be on other issues like better water supply and schools.

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