San Diego to pay nearly $1M to settle sexual assault claims against ex-cop

San Diego to pay nearly $1M to settle sexual assault claims against ex-cop

The City of San Diego will reportedly pay nearly $1 million to two women to settle their sexual assault claims against a former police officer.

One of the two victims, who alleged that she suffered unbearable personal injuries in an encounter with ex San Diego Police department Officer Christopher Hays on October 31, 2013, will receive $550,000.

The other victim agreed to settle her sexual assault claims for $400,000. She claimed that her interactions with former officer Hays on June 12, 2013, left her emotionally injured. Two other women have also made similar allegations against Hays.

One of the women testified earlier last year that she was groped while being searched by Hays, a four-year SDPD veteran. The other woman told the judge that she could not sleep for many nights after the officer followed her to her apartment and forced her to expose her breasts and to touch his groin.

Hays, who resigned the day after he was charged, pleaded guilty to criminal charges in August last year and spent a period of five months behind bars. Deputy District Attorney Annette Irving said Hays was banking on the notion that his victims would never tell what he did to them.

The San Diego City Council approved the two settlements in a closed session in June. The deals are now scheduled for final approval sometime next week.

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