Apple, BMW reported talked about iCar collaboration in 2014

Apple, BMW reported talked about iCar collaboration in 2014

According to a Reuters report, Apple and BMW were apparently in talks about a potential collaboration for the former's iCar project last year; but the talks eventually did not materialize into any partnership between the two companies.

The Reuters report, citing an unidentified BMW source, revealed that Apple CEO Tim Cook and some other top Apple executives visited the BMW headquarters in 2014. The purpose of the visit was to learn more about BMW's production of the i3 electric car.

The BMW source has further disclosed that Apple executives asked detailed questions from the BMW board members about how the automaker's production process - which involves the use of lightweight carbon fiber - for the i3 electric cars.

The sources said that the BMW officials were seemingly willing to provide parts for Apple's rumored electric car project, iCar.

However, the collaboration talks between Apple and BMW ended shortly after the Apple executives' visit to BMW, probably because Apple decided to attempt building the iCar on its own, rather than working with BMW and possibly licensing some of their electric-car technology.

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