Construction worker dies after being stung by hundreds of bees

Construction worker dies after being stung by hundreds of bees

A construction worker lost his life on Monday after being stung by hundreds of angry bees at a construction site in Southern California, authorities confirmed.

Chaos broke out as the bees swarmed after the victim and his co-workers unintentionally disturbed a massive underground beehive while leveling a vacant lot in Riverside, California.

Witnesses told fire officials that the hapless worker cowered on the ground and struggled to guard himself from the stingers, but stingers continued to sting him all over the body.

Other workers panicked and bolted, while at least a couple of other men rolled on the ground with their hands on their faces to avoid stings.

David Wolf, a fellow construction worker, said, "It was insane. It happened pretty quickly, really. They just kept splitting up and chasing all of the other workers."

Workers finally used a water tanker to ward off the angry bees. They hosed down the men with water and the bees stopped stinging.

Riverside Battalion Chief Tony Perna said in a statement that three men were stung by bees and one of them died due to an allergic reaction. The identity of the deceased construction worker was not immediately released.

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