Tesla is recruiting hackers to detect flaws in auto software systems

Tesla is recruiting hackers to detect flaws in auto software systems

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors has revealed that it is recruiting hackers to detect flaws in its auto software systems. The move to recruit hackers underscores Tesla's efforts to seek help in refining the software which runs most of the systems of its electric cars.

Tesla's announcement that it is recruiting hackers comes close on the heels of recent reports of vulnerabilities which enable hackers to remotely control cars of some other automakers.

Moreover, two researchers at the Def Con Hacking Conference held in Las Vegas last week has also demonstrated how they could remotely access Tesla's Model S sedan. As a result of the hack, the researchers were successful in shutting down the Models S systems and eventually stopping the vehicle.

The researchers had shared their findings with regard to the Model S vulnerabilities with Tesla, and the company has already issued a patch for the reported vulnerabilities. The researchers also told CNET that their hack of the Model S sedan actually showed Tesla's systems are quite secure from hacking in general.

Meanwhile, about Tesla's ongoing attempts to recruit hackers, the company said that its presence at the Def Con event was part of the recruiting effort. Asserting that "hackers are a crowd that is really important to us," Khobi Brooklyn - Tesla's Communications Manager - told AFP. "It is a community that we want to be part of, and collaborate with, as well as recruit from."