Southern California will soon be in grip of heat wave: NWS

Southern California will soon be in grip of heat wave: NWS

Two weather systems clashing over Southern California will soon bring a heat wave that would put an end to the cooler-than-average temperatures that the region has been enjoying for the last many days, the National Weather Service (NWS) said.

NWS Meteorologist Joe Dandrea said a spinning low-pressure system around 300 miles west of Eureka is being removed by a high-pressure system, and that Southern California weather was about to heat up.

Dandrea explained that the clash of the two systems has created an unusual situation 10,000 to 20,000 feet in the air. Monsoonal moisture originated in the Gulf of Mexico is being flown up from Arizona.

It is expected to bring slight showers to San Diego County and its surrounding areas but it will not last long. The entire Southern part of the state will be in the grip of a heat wave by then.

Temperatures will significantly rise on Thursday, and peak on Friday and Saturday this week, when residents of several valleys and interior locations will see temperatures hitting triple digits. Some beaches will likely heat up to the lower 80s.

Traditional hot spots like Woodland Hills and Burbank have been predicted to be the hardest-hit areas by the weekend as temperatures in these two areas could top out at 103 and 98 degrees, respectively.