Pool accident claims life of Billy Graham's son-in-law

Pool accident claims life of Billy Graham's son-in-law

Bill Graham's son in law has died after swimming pool accident. He was found unresponsive in the pool of the Raleigh home he shared with the evangelist Anne Graham Lotz.

Rex Hospital confirmed the death of Danny Lotz at 78. Life support was removed from him two day after he was taken to hospital.

According to reports of CBS affiliate, Rex Hospital issued a statement to the family that Lotz's heart stopped working while in the pool. Emergency responders managed to restart his heart, but his life could not be saved.

Anne Graham Lotz said in a call to 911 that she was inside the house when accident happened; she ran out to find her husband who was in the water. She saw her husband face-down in the water and couldn't get him out due to his huge size. She did not lose hope and tried to hold his head above water.

The couple had been married for 49 years and her husband was suffering from some heart problem for which he required five arterial stents.

Neighbor Jim Rugloski told ABC, "Ambulance has been there a couple times over a couple of years". Danny Lotz was part of the 1957 North Carolina men's basketball team that had not been defeated for 32 games and won the NCAA national championship.