Study shows Humanity’s Impact on Earth

Study shows Humanity’s Impact on Earth

A team of researchers in a new study highlighted the impact of humans on the earth's ecosystem and food chains. The study conducted by researchers at the University of Victoria in Canada said that human species is an unsustainable 'super predator'.

The researchers said to collect evidence to prove that humans are 'super predators', they only had to look to the oceans, from where humans hunt bulks of fish at 14 times faster rate as compared to the marine predators.

The study pointed that humans are particularly intense in terms of hunting. They use powerful killing technology like trawl nets, guns and mechanized slaughterhouses, for example in order to dominate other predators.

Study author Chris Darimont, said, "Hunters 'capture' mammals with bullets and fishes with hook and nets. They assume minimal risk compared with non-human predators, especially terrestrial carnivores, which are often injured while living what amounts to a dangerous lifestyle".

The findings of this research matches the conclusion of several previously conducted studies that warned for years that if the present rate of consumption is not stopped, or limited, then very soon, earth might run out of animals.

Many fish populations have been hunted to the brink of collapse; shark populations have been decimated and less than 8 % of southern bluefin tuna remain.

As per the report, it is not sheer number of animals that humans kill for food, some estimates have shown that nearly 56 billion farmed animals are slaughtered annually for human consumption.

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