Nintendo unveils super-sized version of Yarn Yoshi Amiibo

Nintendo unveils super-sized version of Yarn Yoshi Amiibo

On Monday, Nintendo unveiled a super-sized version of its Yarn Yoshi Amiibo -- the new Mega Yarn Yoshi. Priced at $40, the giant Yarn Yoshi is the biggest Amiibo to be launched by Nintendo.

Amiibo’s are Nintendo’s toy figurines which use near field communication (NFC) technology for interacting with certain Nintendo consoles, including Wii U.

Unveiling the oversize Amiibo figurine of the green-skinned dinosaur who is the pal of Mario and Luigi, Nintendo said that the Mega Yarn Yoshi Amiibo will hit the markets on November 27. The release date of the new Amiibo has also been mentioned by Nintendo on its latest Super Smash Bros figurines.

The Mega Yarn Yoshi is essentially a bigger Yoshi which is fairly akin to the Yoshi Amiibo which was launched by Nintendo alongside the Wii U title Yoshi's Woolly World earlier this year. However, the main difference in the two versions is that the giant Amiibo figurine now has Yoshi standing upright.

Just like Nintendo’s previous Amiibos, including a smaller standard Yarn Yoshi, the newly-unveiled Mega Yarn Yoshi Amiibo will have the ability to integrate wirelessly with compatible videogames, like Yoshi’s Woolly World, among others.