Stephen Hawking Presents New Findings on Black Holes

Stephen Hawking Presents New Findings on Black Holes

Celebrated physicist Stephen Hawking, while addressing his scientist fraternity, presented a new finding on black holes.

“If you feel you are in a black hole, don’t give up There is a way out. Black holes aren’t as black as they’re painted. They are not the eternal prisons we once thought,” he said.

He shared that how he arrived at a new understanding on the effects of stars that crumple beneath their own gravity’s pressure, a process called black holes.

While the researchers, presently, assume that nothing can get away from the gravity. Hawking said that anything can pass through the trap and enter into another universe.

The previous findings on black holes were presented some four decades ago. He called his present findings as information paradox. He elaborated that black holes can destruct everything that comes in their contact. But this, he said, was now a paradox.

Astrophysicist Alan Duffy of Swinburne University, meanwhile, explained that information (in physics) was as good as energy. It could neither be created nor destroyed.

He added by the matter fallen into the black hole, at present, can only fetch information on mass, spin and electric charge of the black hole.

Yesterday, while addressing the gathering, Hawking had stated that information did not rest inside the black hole, but over its surface.

He even went on to present a comparison between information and a burnt encyclopedia. He said that in that case only the ashes are left for perusal while details get fired.

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