Evacuations canceled as Southern California wildfire tamed

Evacuations canceled as Southern California wildfire tamed

A brushfire in Southern California forced dozens of people near the border of Orange and Los Angeles counties to evacuate their homes on Tuesday, but firefighters later managed to tame the blaze.

Residents from nearly 39 homes were forced to evacuate the area. Just four hours later, Fullerton fire Deputy Chief Julie Kunze announced that they could safely return home as the wildfire that had grown to 80 acres was 70 per cent contained.

Some flames are still active, and firefighters were working to douse them. The fire erupted in former oil-drilling land on ridges and hillsides which sit amid thick suburban housing developments.

Dina Tsuyuki, who was forced to evacuate her Fullerton home along with her twin daughters, “As I’m looking at it I’m thinking our house is maybe 20 feet away from the flames. If they don’t get a hold of this our whole neighborhood could be gone.”

Separately, California Fire department spokesperson Daniel Berlant announced that a separate blaze erupted in Tuolumne County, prompting evacuations of two camps and some homes yesterday. Burning around five miles east of the town of Columbia, the Tuolumne County fire engulfed more than 100 acres and was just 20 per cent contained.

A yet another wildfire that erupted on Monday above Yosemite Valley grew is still burning. It has engulfed more than 500 acres, sending plumes of thick smoke up into the sky. Dozens of firefighters, supported by six air tankers and three helicopters, are struggling to contain the aggressive blaze.

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