Advocacy Group Breast Cancer Action Fights October’s ‘Pinkwashing’

Advocacy Group Breast Cancer Action Fights October’s ‘Pinkwashing’

October is marked as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month and several things around you can be seen colored pink to support the awareness campaigns. But the advocacy group Breast Cancer Action has been fighting against going pink in October.

The group calls what goes every October as 'pinkwashing'. Every October several companies or organizations claim to care about breast cancer by promoting a pink product, and raising money to fight cancer.

But the same company which claims to care about breast cancer sells products that are carcinogenic or cause other health problems. Karauna Jaggar, head of Think Before You Pink, in an op-ed last year, said that these pinkwashing deals are just exchanges for public goodwill.

One such examples includes Susan G. Komen teaming up with oilfield services corporations, Baker Hughes or fried chicken purveyors KFC or makeup companies promoting pink ribbon products that contain carcinogens.

The NFL last year also toned down all the pink what appeared to be an effort to avoid looking too hypocritical, after the leagues was bungled several domestic violence cases involving players.

It was found that hardly any money rose during this month reached the American Cancer Society. Business Insider wrote in 2013 that just 8.01% of money from NFL Breast Cancer Awareness merchandise goes to research efforts.

VICE Sports reported last year that none of the money that was raised by NFL was given for cancer research programs. A spokeswoman for the American Cancer Society told VICE the NFL donations go to awareness, education and screenings.

Jaggar said none of those programs are considered effective. "Screening doesn't save lives and screening mammography ... is different from diagnostic mammography. The NFL has no business providing medical advice to women that is outdated, unproven, and misguided", said Jaggar.

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