Fingernail Glue Mistakenly Put Into Eye of Woman Left Her Eye Shut

Fingernail Glue Mistakenly Put Into Eye of Woman Left Her Eye Shut

A woman from Florida glued here eye shut after her friend mistook a small bottle of fingernail glue for eye drops. The woman is presently getting medical treatment, local news station WPBF reported Wednesday.

Katherine Gaydos of Lantana said that she got a piece of debris in her eye when she was blowing leaves last week. She immediately asked her friend for help and instead of coming back with an eye drop, the friend returned with a small bottle of fingernail glue, a product used to apply artificial nails or tips.

Gaydos told WPBF-TV that as soon as the glue entered her eye she started feeling burning sensation and she said she screamed ‘Call 911’.

But when Gaydos first spoke with the station, eight days after the accident, her eye was still stuck shut. She told that a doctor had given her antibiotics and an ointment, but wouldn’t treat her any further because she didn’t have the money to pay him.

After her story made headline, the doctor called her back and a different doctor got her eye open. The doctor also gave her a future appointment to scrape the remaining glue off her cornea.

The Palm Beach Eye Center in Lake Worth, where WPBF noted Gaydos had received treatment, told The Huffington Post they were unable to comment on a patient without a medical release.

Dr. Pankaj Gupta, assistant professor of ophthalmology at Case Western Reserve University, told ABC News that he has seen several such types of cases.

"Something blew into my eye and I screamed for someone else to get eye drops out of my purse, and they brought super glue and poured it in my eye," she said.

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