Europe’s Climate Chief says Positive Progress by Nations towards Global Deal on CO2 astonished Him

Europe’s Climate Chief says Positive Progress by Nations towards Global Deal on CO2 astonished Him

Miguel Arias Cañete, climate change chief of Europe, is happy with the way nations are dealing with carbon dioxide emissions. The chief said the positive progress by about 149 countries towards a global deal on carbon dioxide has astonished him.

In an interview with BBC News, Cañete said even six months ago he did not know governments will show such commitments towards CO2 global deal. According to him, nations are showing their commitments by announcing their plans to curb carbon emissions ahead of the Paris climate summit next month.

He said nations are doing well, but their pledges had not yet reached the level required to tackle dangerous global warming. There are some nations which produce about 90% of global emissions, and they have pledged to curb emission, as per Cañete. "If we compare it with the Kyoto Protocol - the first time we tried an international agreement to help global warming - there were only 35 countries and they covered less than 14% of emissions", he added.

Cañete said the greatest thing is that nations are volunteering their own action plans, instead of UN to impose targets. The nations are trying, but that's not enough, according to the chief. He said if governments did not take steps to curb global emissions, temperature would have raised between 3.8 and 4.7C. Current commitments by carton emitting nations have achieved about 3C maximum, and it should be considered as a big step, Cañete said.

"It's quite astounding. The most important things is that the commitments are not only figures or targets - it shows countries are developing climate policies in a very comprehensive way."

"There is no complacency - but we if we had kept on going with business as usual (ever-rising carbon emissions), global temperature would have raised between 3.8 and 4.7C," he said.

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