Sony’s new full-frame compact camera --- RX1R II

Sony’s new full-frame compact camera --- RX1R II

Bigwig Japanese device maker Sony has unveiled a new ground-breaking technology in the form of a full-frame compact camera called the RX1R II. The new camera will be priced at $3,300; and Sony will start shipping it in November.

The new Sony RX1R II camera is a new counterpart of the company’s two previous full-frame compact cameras -- the RX1R and the RX1 -- and it comes with some noteworthy improvements to eliminate the weaknesses in the preceding models.

The basic concept of the new RX1R II camera, however, is essentially the same as its predecessors --- the full-frame camera can easily be fitted into a jacket pocket; and its integrated lens design yields superior image quality which can hardly be achieved in interchangeable lens systems.

Moreover, the new RX1R II full-frame camera also boasts the integrated EVF pop-up design like the one in the RX100 III camera.

Some of the other impressive new features which have been introduced by Sony in the new RX1R II camera include variable optical low-pass filter; an Autofocus system; tilting LCD; built-in viewfinder; Wi-Fi/NFC for file transfer and remote shooting; and Sony's latest XAVC S codec for higher-bitrate video.