Daniel Fells released from hospital for home

Daniel Fells released from hospital for home

Daniel Fells, an American football tight end for the New York Giants of the National Football League, has been released from Hackensack University Medical Center after being treated for MRSA for three weeks. Since the time he has been diagnosed with MRSA, he was in the hospital.

Fells was found to be having the infection while he was taking treatment for an ankle injury. His condition is better now. He has seen quite rough time as his condition deteriorated to such a level on mid-October that it was being said that he might lose his foot to the infection.

There were even reports that unveiled that doctors are quite concerned about the spread of infection to the player’s bloodstream. But things have improved since. Fells’ coach Tom Coughlin even updated everyone by saying that Fells condition is much better.

Fells has gone through seven surgeries on his foot, but doctors are optimistic about his condition. Fells will undergo a plastic surgery in order to correct the damage being done by the infection. Though Fells has returned home, there will be an in-house nurse to take care of him.

Owing to the injury, Fells was placed on injury reserve on October 5. It has to be seen whether or not he will make recovery to the NFL. The Giants dedicated their October 11 win to Fells.